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Lenovo is a Chinese multinational IT company; it is world’s second-largest PC vendor in 2011. In 2005 it acquired IBM’s personal computer business and started marketing the Think Pad notebooks and Think Centre desktops.

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Lenovo Support Services

Techczar Group computer proficient technicians can help you to resolve the following Lenovo computer trouble.

  • Application errors and issues
  • Installation, un-installation of software
  • Installation and configuration of computer peripherals and their drivers 
  • Optimization of PC for better performance
  • Wireless card and connection configuration

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When you boot your computer, a number of applications get loaded at the back-end and use the system resources though you are not using those applications. Besides this, a lot of junk files are downloaded while you surf the internet.
Slowly, it starts consuming a major portion of computer resources and influences the computer performance specially, when you play games and surf the internet.
To optimize the system performance you need to remove the junk files and stop the automatic loading of applications. It is advisable to remove the files in the supervision of a computer technician so that you may not delete the important system files which are essential to run your computer smoothly.

Software & Driver Issues

Many times device drivers get corrupt or outdated, due to which the devices attached to computer such as printer, DVD drive, card reader, keyboard, digital camera, etc. does not function properly. You might get an error while trying to use a particular computer device.
To fix such issues, we need to remove the old drivers and install the latest driver version of a particular device or peripheral.
Note- Internet connection is required to fix driver issues.

Configuring Wireless, USB Card and Wireless Connection

To connect your computer to a network or the internet wirelessly, you need to install a Wireless USB Card on a desktop computer, almost all the laptops and notebooks come with installed wireless card by the manufacturer.
To connect your computer wirelessly, you need to install the card and its drivers and then configure the wireless settings.
Note- Wireless router and internet service are required to connect the computer wirelessly.

The Internet & Browser Issues

The situation is very irritating when you need to check your important mails, or you need to write an official mail to your client urgently and the internet is not working, unable to open the web browser or get an error while trying to open the web browser, although the computer is working fine.
Such situations are complex and needs to diagnose to identify the root cause of the internet problem; it can be the modem, router, network cable, ISP, browser and internet services that run at the back end.

To fix the internet issue try the following steps:

  • Check all the cable connection
  • Check the light status of the modem/router
  • Check with ISP if the internet is down
  • For browser issues update the operating system and install the latest browser version.

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WHY TechCzar Group as a support servive?

We provide excellent Technical Support for 24×7 and 365 days across the globe. Our team is efficient and technically competent to tackle issues encountered during Microsoft Windows 7 Installation. We have an outstanding track record of 90% First Call Resolution. Our Certified Experts believes in Customer First approach. So they not only provide complete resolution but provide an explanation of what caused the issue so that you may try and minimize chances of recurrence of the same issue in future. We provide you a hassle free computing and a complete peace of mind. Post installation, we help you with set-up and configure other peripherals and update respected drivers.

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